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Thursday, 23 March 2023 in 12:13

Free price plan update

Friends, despite the difficult times in our country and the labor market, the number of PersiaHR users continues to increase. In order for us to be able to provide high-quality and reliable service to our customers in the future, it is time to optimize our policy regarding the Free price plan.

Since the first day of PersiaHR, our users have been able to not only the 14-day free trial period, but also the Free price plan. It had a wide enough functionality for setting up the automation of routine recruiting processes in the company.

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Tuesday, 17 May 2022 in 12:39

PersiaHR Extension update

Despite the difficult times and war in Ukraine, PersiaHR team continues to support and improve our system. We want to make recruiters’ work as efficient as possible, and our new update will help you hire new staff even faster!

With the PersiaHR browser extension, you can add candidates from job sites directly to your database in PesiaHR. Now, you can link candidates to your jobs at the same time, without leaving the job site!

Подбор кандидатов с помощью PersiaHR Extension

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Friday, 2 October 2020 in 14:59

Clients can now create jobs directly in PersiaHR

We constantly improve our system to make recruiters’ work more convenient and efficient. This time we would like to update you about improvements to the Jobs section.

Clients and hiring managers can create hiring requests directly in PersiaHR now! By filling out the form in PersiaHR, the client provide essential information about the future position and requirements to candidates. It is still up to the recruitment team to make decisions on the recruitment process, job ad content, and publishing.

How it works

In the Jobs section, clients now have the New Job button. By clicking on it, they access the New Job form and can fill it in with all the necessary information such as position title, requirements, responsibilities. They also supply additional information for internal use: salary range, desired closing dates, priority, and the number of people to be recruited. Once the new job is created by the client, the account administrator receives a notification about the new job. The administrator reviews the new job, makes necessary changes, and appoints a recruiter in charge for this role.

Clients can now create jobs

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Tuesday, 18 August 2020 in 18:25

Introducing a new PersiaHR!

Dear friends!

Today, we are rolling out our new design – a new and better PersiaHR.
Our goal has always been to make recruiters’ work more efficient, and the new design is another step towards that goal. We updated the system to be clearer, easier to use and faster. And it looks good, too!

Introducing a new PersiaHR

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Friday, 10 April 2020 in 11:48

PersiaHR is now integrated with!

Good news for Ukrainian recruiters!

As you probably know, from your PersiaHR account you can post vacancies and receive feedback from, Talent.UA,,  HeadHunter, SuperJob and Jobs in Kharkov. Moreover, all this is done from one page — in fact, you can publish or update a vacancy on all sites in one move!

Now, one of the leaders among Ukrainian job sites, is also added to this list.

With integration with job sites, including, you can:

  • post jobs from PersiaHR in one click;
  • update and edit jobs at job sites;
  • resumes of candidates who have responded to vacancies are automatically added to the system.

How does it work?

To use the integration with, go to Account Settings and select the Integration section. On this page, in addition to the icons of, HeadHunter and SuperJob sites, the logo also appeared. Click Connect button and enter the login information of the site. The system will remember this information and you do not have to enter it every time.

PersiaHR is now integrated with

In order to post a job on, just go to the page for job editing, in the Publication tab check Send a lob to for publication and fill in the required fields with information about the job. Some fields are filled in automatically based on your registration data and company information.

You can also post a job on directly when you create it in PersiaHR.

Post job

After filling out the form, the job is published on on behalf of your company. Now all resumes that come to you from this site will be automatically added to your database, recognized and linked to the corresponding vacancy.

If your vacancy has already been published on, you can also link it to your vacancy in PersiaHR.

We are sure that the new PersiaHR feature will make your work more efficient and convenient. And if you have ideas for improving PersiaHR, we will be glad to hear them!

Contact us in any convenient way:
+38 044 384 20 05
Skype: persiahr

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